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People Trying to Locate Other People

Section Two

Address: po box 1583
City: poplar bluff
State: mo
Zip: 63902
Country: usa

Comments: My name is Nathan Levenson. I was sent to a foster family on 11 Oct. 74. Their address in April 8, 1975 was:

Saigon 3, South Vietnam

I would like to find my real mother and her 4 children. My father died when my mother was 4 months pregnant with me. I was sent thru Holt childrens service. I was sent to O'Hare international Chicago airport. I arrived in the usa April 1975. I was part of Operation Babylift.

My information is:

Full name: Dang Bao Hoang,
Sex: Male
Date Of Birth: 8/25/1974 at 22:10

I lived in Milwaukee, Wisconsin then when I was 13 my family moved to Poplar Bluff, Missouri. My paper state that my mother went from Binh Tuy (a province far away from Saigon) to Saigon to give birth.

Please if you have any information on any of my family members email me at <klevenson@imsinternet.net>.

Nathan Levenson
Address: 5/6 Vuon Chuoi ward 4 , district 3
City: Ho Chi Minh city
Country: Viet Nam

Comments: I want to find a sister , who named Tran Thi Kim Thoa , was born in 1966 , her mother's name's Tran Thi Minh.

Before 1975 , when she was a child , she sent to Co Nhi Vien Dong Chua Cuu The , and she's teach and look after by Co Ut . After 1975 , i lost her news . If you're her or if you have read this and know where she is now , please contact with me at email address: dangminh1960@yahoo.com

Thanks very much

Dear Mrs Lana Noone,

It was a great happiness and emtion that I found on Tuoi Tre news the new of 21 Babylifts in your group: Returning to the homeland-Peace and unification. That was my last hope in my life.

During the past few days, I was like living in a dream, imagining that may be in some day I could look straight in my child?s eyes in a hand in hand reunion. Since 30 years, I always kept loving my child, always kept searching for her hopelessly.

My name is : RUONG THI TOAN, presently I am 53 years old, married but still having no child. That made me always think in my sad past, in which, due to difficulty I must give my child.

Dear Mrs Lana,

In the recent days, from the time the babylifts putup theirs step ion their homeland, untill the day they left, only in 2 short days, but that was enough to give hope to mothers and to families that had lost their children since 30 years.

Here, I would like to represent unhappy families and mothers to send to you our deepest thanks, as well asto Tuoi Tre News our gratitude for being a linking bridge to give us informations about your group, and providing us your Email address , website. Because you are the only one who could help us to look for our children.

One more time, I present our gratitude to your noble act, as to your understanding and your sharing of our pain.
Here under are the details of my child:

NGOC ANH RUONG, female, born on: 23/04/1974
On 30/8/1974, she was accepted in Holts Children?s Service, ( located near The First Hotel. District Tanbinh). The manager of the Association by that time was: Robert Channess

On the 27/12/1974, she got physical check up
On the 01/02/1975, she was carried to the USA on the flight No: 360.
Her name plate during the boarding was:
NGOC ANH, born on: 23/4/1974
Sponsoring family: Mr and Mrs JOBES/ M.N
Address: Mineapolis

I expect that as soon as you receive this mail, you will give me a help in the search of my child, and give me a soon reply.

My Email: dongdu20002003@yahoo.com
Country ; VIET NAM
Tel : 8324877 , 9632022 , 9052303
I sincerely wish you to have good health in order to fulfil your charitable and noble task.

Best regards
From: "Trang Nguyen" <nguyentrang@scggroup.com>
Find brother:
Born: 27/03/1961 at Gia Dinh people hospital ( Nguyen Van Hoc hospital, Binh Hoa village)

When he was a child, he lived at Go Vap charity- school, No. 45 Nguyen Van Bao street, ward 4, Go Vap district.

At the present time, where does he live?
No.340/5 Co Giang street, ward 2, Phu Nhuan district,
HO CHI MINH city, Viet Nam.

Ten : Tran Van Dung
Sinh ngay : 27/03/1961 tai Banh vien Nhan Dan Gia Dinh (Benh vien Nguyen Van Hoc, Xa Binh Hoa)

340/5 Co Giang, Phuong 2, Quan Phu Nhuan, TP. Ho Chi Minh - Viet Nam
My name is Do Thanh Tinh, lived in Tien Tra ward, Hau Duc district, Quang Tin province (Quang Nam now) middle of Viet Nam. I am writing to you to respectfully your assistance in finding any information about my missing daughter. I have not been able to find my daughter for many years. My daughter was taken from Tien Tra ward, Hau Duc district, Quang Tin province(Quang Nam province now), Viet Nam in 1975, during the Viet Nam Babylift to United States.

My daughter's name: Do Thi Chau (Nickname: Do Thi Qua).

Any one who worked in adoption agency can contact me at dothanhhung2004@yahoo.com.

Thank you very much Ms.Lana and to those are willing to help me.

Kind regards,

Do Thanh Tinh
Email: <dothanhhung2004@yahoo.com>

My name is Kathleen L'Ecluse and I'm a journalist working on a book about the first official Operation Babylift flight, the crash and its aftermath, told from the point of view of the people who got on that fateful flight, those who died and those who lived, and what they did to make sure this crash was more triumph than tragedy. I'd like to speak to anyone connected to that flight, people involved in caring for and gathering the children together to get on the plane, the escorts, the families of the diplomatic staff who were on board, military crew, etc.

I'd particularly like to talk to people who were on board and the families and friends of those who died. I want people to know who they were, how they got there and how they lived their last hours with compassion and courage.

I've been a journalist for more than 20 years working at a newspaper just outside Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif. If you're interested in speaking with me, please let me know. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact me as well.

My contact information is:
Kathleen L'Ecluse
c/o Daily Republic
1250 Texas St. Box 47
Fairfield, Calif. 94533
(707) 427-6933

Thanks again for your time and interest.
Looking for Missing younger Brother,

I am a Catholic nun, Marry Nguyen Thi Hoi. I live now at 42/102 Quang Phat, Quang Tien, Trang Bom, Dong Nai, Viet Nam.

I would like to look for my like brother whose name is Minh Nguyen, was born on October 10th 1971, in Mai Linh, Quang Tri, Viet Nam. He is now about 34 years old. His father is Dan Nguyen (called Ho). His mother is Cach Thi Le. He got polio when he was three year old (he couldn't walk). So my mother sent him into Nuoc Ngot Orphanage in Hue where mary foreigners as well as doctors came to examine and cure orphans. Thanks to the intermediary of this orphanage, an American couple supported him, brought him to America to cure his legs and promised they would bring him back to my family when he was well again.

During the histories event in 1975, my family moved to the South Viet Nam and we lost his track from then on.

My dear brother, where you are now? Our mother died. Father, brother and sister, I missed you very much.

Any information about my brother will be answered with our deep gratefulness experessed towards these who give us the information.

Nguyen Thi Hoi
Ms Noone,

My name Dinh thi Be Hai,
I want to looking for my young sister. her name's Dinh thi Be Ba,
she was born in 1966 in Viet Nam,
She went to USA in 1975, her ears is not normal.
I don't know her name when she live in USA. Sorry, my english is not well.
If she was in Babylift, can you send her photo to me by mail.
Thank you very much
Be Hai

Kinh goi chi Lana Noone
Em ten: Dinh thi Be sinh nam 1964 (ten thuong goi Be Hai)
Me ten: Phan thi Ba
Cha ten: Dinh van Hai
Hom nay co doan Babylift ve tham lai que huong tim nguoi than. Kinh mong chi Lana cho em tim lai dua em gai ten Phan thi Be Ba (lay ho me - hay Dinh thi Be Ba) sinh nam 1966.
Em toi co di tat hai vanh tai bup lai che kin hai lo tai, mui cao, da trang.
Nam 1966 ba em bi bat di linh cho My, me o nha kho qua nen dem em cua em cho vien mo coi khuyet tat o Go Vap.
Nam 1968 ba co ve tham nha thi ma em da sanh them hai dua em nua.
Nam 1970 Ba em da chet vi dap min luc bay di hanh quan o ben tre, me thi di lay chong khac nen o Viet Nam 3 chi em mo coi ca cha lan me.Tui em o cung voi ba noi gia rat cuc kho. Nay da lon tui em da co gia dinh het.
Vua qua co xem tivi thi thay doan VietNambabylift ve Viet Nam tim lai nguoi than. Em cung uoc mo trong so tre mo coi qua My nam 1975 co em cua em. Xin chi Lana tim giup em cua em (Be Ba) de duoc doan tu voi gia dinh. Neu tim duoc xin chi lien he voi em qua dia chi:

Xin cam on
Be Hai

From: Cheryl Markson
Emai: fcvnadoption@aol.com
Web: fcvn.net

June 2005

Dear Friends;

I have just returned from participation in World Airway's "Homeward Bound" commemorating the World Airway flight that left Vietnam on 3 April, 1975 with fifty-seven FCVN Orphans, Tom Clark , FCVN's Overseas Co-Director, and Sister Nancy Child Care Supervisor at the FCVN Thu Duc Center. In spite of warnings not to take off World Airway's owner Ed Daly and Pilot Ken Heely, took to the air with our precious children and staff. This flight sparked the commencement of "Operation Babylift"; once Americans saw it could be done they urged the US Government to proceed with the much discussed Orphan Airlift.

Members of the World crew and volunteers who flew our children to safety were aboard the flight with twenty-one Vietnamese Adult Adoptees and guests. A wonderful opportunity to say "thank you" to those who held and protected our children as they flew to their new families.

World's present CEO Randy Martinez, his wife Jennifer, several World Board members, Present World Staff Members and journalist and photographers were aboard to direct and enjoy this wonderful event. Three FCVN Staff; Le Thi Bach Thuy who was FCVN's social worker in Vietnam, Ross Meador FCVN's Foster Orphanage Coordinator in Vietnam; and myself, also had the honor of participating. The trip was unique, momentous and luxurious for all aboard. It filled my heart with awe to see the heart warming reception the Vietnamese people gave the adoptees. I was moved to tears to see the reaction of the wonderful adult adoptees as they returned to their homeland; many shared it didn't feel "foreign" - they felt a connection and belonging immediately.

While in Vietnam Bach Thuy and I were interviewed and I spoke of FCVN ROOTS Search Program and the successes FCVN has had in locating birth family and care takers in Vietnam for adoptees and locating adoptees for birth families. To clarify no confidential information is given when inquires are made, FCVN gives inquiry information to the adoptee and/or his family. Communication is handled by FCVN to protect the privacy of all involved, until such time as the parties wish to have direct contact.

Upon return FCVN received many, many, contacts from families in Vietnam wishing to locate children who were adopted. Jeff Gahr and Le Thi Bach Thuy are translating the emails/letters and FCVN appreciates their work greatly.

After translation a synopsis of the information is being posted on FCVN's web site: fcvn.net . We are hoping this letter will alert Vietnamese Adoptees who came in the 60's & 70's and their families to go to fcvn.net and read the posts in the Where Are You? section.

FCVN is also participating with a group researching the "Orphan Airlift" with plans to produce a documentary and organize a thirty-five year reunion at the Presidio site in San Francisco. To support this effort FCVN is building a database of FCVN Vietnamese Adult Adoptees and their past and present information. FCVN is also considering organizing a FCVN Homeland Tour and will distribute this information as it is developed.

One shining truth that came through during this flight is that the adoptees being with, and getting to know, one another formed bonds that will last forever. It was magic to see the adoptees socialize with one another in such an open and caring manner! We hope to add to this circle with the addition of many more adoptees. We'll being sharing all types of Vietnam information on the web site.

FCVN is working to register the ROOTS Search Program as an NGO in Vietnam and to raise the funds to open an office in Vietnam. FCVN is also asking to be recognized by the Vietnamese Government to return to adoption work for Vietnamese Children. This will bring FCVN full circle from its beginnings in Vietnam in 1967.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Cheryl Livingston Markson
Executive Director
Mother DUONG THI YEN want to look for daughter NGUYEN THI KIM CUC, year of birth 1968, before year of 1975 lived at Vietnam country, Saigon city, Binhtrieu 9 number.

It is said that :my daughter this year come back Vietnam (babylift programe).

If you read this imformation, please contact at email :
Dear Lana Noone,

First of all, may I send you best regards for your good health.

I am NGUYEN THI BAY, having a son lost for 30 years. By chance, I read Tuoi Tre newspaper, informed that Babylift Viet Nationals returning to visit natal country VietNam. So, to day I have the honor to write the present letter, respectfully soliciting you kindly to help me to find and meet my child already lost. I am infinitely grateful and thank you very much.

- My son named : VUONG VU KIET, born in 1971 at Saigon, having address : No.155 ? Manh Tu Street (old street ? 1975) ? District 5- Saigon ( now is HO Chi Minh City )
- His father is Mr. Vuong Hong Tuan (Chinese) usually called: Cuù Luõ.
- Her mother is Mrs. Nguyen Thi Bay (Vietnamese)
- My son was brought to Orphan House Red Cross Association, Saigon, by his Paternal Grands Mother.

VUONG VU KIET was sent by Orphan House to settle in USA, in the first air trip year 1975, several months before the liberation day of South Vietnam Region.

Actually, the mother of VUONG VU KIET is still living in Vietnam, eagerly hope to meet her above cited son.

Liaison address :
-Email : nguyenthibay_vn2005@yahoo.com

Once more, I sincerely thank you and wish you always good health, good luck in order you continue your actual noble duty to bring happiness to great number of families.

Respectful greetings,


I am very happy as I have received your reply. I'd like to thank you a lot and I agree with respect to your proposal - to let you show my letter on the website. And I am going to tell you further about Kiet.

- In 1978, Kiet's grandmother was still alive; she gave me a photo of Kiet's when he lived in the USA. She said : Kiet sent this photo to me.....

- In 1996 - 1998, a neighbor of Kiet's grandmother, was back to Vietnam from the USA and told Vietnam - based friends that Kiet was seen at an US airport, by the time, Kiet was in military suit. Kiet said that his base was in Korea.

Please find the attachment of Kiet's photo for your further information. Prior to leaving, I wish you health forever and to have all lucks, best things.

Address for contact by mail : nguyenthibay_vn2005@yahoo.com

My home address :
374 Long Khanh 1 - Tam Phuoc
Long Thanh District - Dong Nai Province

Tel : 84 - 61 511788 (Please speaking Vietnamese as you call by phone)

Best regards,
I am assisting my Vietnamese friend, Doan Thi HOANG ANH, in finding her son who was adopted by a French couple in May, 1975. He was adopted from "Friends of Children of Vietnam" based in Denver, Colorado sometime in 1975. Her son's name is CHO LON Doan THAN Phong and his birth date is July 15, 1974. My friend wishes very, very much to be reunited with him. She went to France to look for him in July, 1981 without luck. Her message to him is "I wait for him for 30 years. I wish I can see him or a picture of him. I never forget him and I pray for him. I know he has been well taken care of but I am sick for 30 years from missing my son." May God Bless you all!!!! This is a beautiful website!

Jamie Miller
Email: janickersten@yahoo.com
Dear Ms. Lana,

I am very glad to read information for babylift on TUOI TRE newspaper on date 18Jun and everybody are congratulate coming back of 21 persons from USA.

May I introduce myself, my name is Trang. I studied Saigon Adventist Elementary. I had a classmate. Her name is THU TA. Pls kindly help me one thing as below:

My friend mother, Ms Ta thi Le. This year, she is very old and , about 75 years old. She had a daughter. Her daughter name is THU TA, she is my friend when we are still young. We had studied the same Saigon Adventist Hospital/School in 1975. My friend had left SGN at TAN SON NHAT airport within Apr1975. At that time, she was 7 years old. Up to now, my friend mother has not received any information of her daughter.

Now, my friend mother is very old and handycapeed - She is about 75 year olds. She is usually cry and cry when we remind her Daughter. She is very hopeless for looking for her daughter. Now, she lead a lonely life. Her husband - my friend father had given up them before my freight was born.

Therefore, my friend mother has only that daughter .. But her daughter left SGN fm Saigon Adventist Hospital/School on Apr1975.

May you help us to look for any information of her daughter? Detail of her such as:

Her first name: THU
Her midle name: TA
Date of born: 1967 or 1968
Date leave SGN: around Apr1975.
I will take a photo of my friend mother and send you later.
I look forward to receiving your kindly support.
Thank you very much,
Trang (MS)
Tel: 8122922
Fax: 8122925
Email: sgnairimport@nittsu.com.hk
Address: 364 Cong Hoa str, E-town building, Tan Binh dist,
City: HCM City
Country: vietnam

Dear Lana,

I would be happy because the things you do. And I would like to find a my sister. I hope you can help my family.
Here is some information about her:

Her name is NGUYEN TU KHUONG, borned on 01-01-1976 in SAI GON. Her father name is: NGUYEN NGOC TU, borned on 11-01-1945 and the mother is NGUYEN THI NHUAN, borned on 16-09-1954. Before 1975 , the permanent address of her family is:226/7 NGUYEN VAN TROI , ward 11, TAN BINH District,

After 1989, she and her father went to America to present I never receive any information about them.
I hope that you will help me.

I am looking forward from you.

Please contact to me following my e-mail address.

Tran Nguyen Duy Khoi.

Country: VIETNAM

Dear Mrs. Lana Noone,

Firstly, thank you very much for your kindness to all the orphans.

Recently, i have read TUOI TRE newspaper and be informed about the Babylift group.That's why i contact to you now.

Actually, i had had a son with a girl in 1970 in Son Tinh Ward, Quang Ngai Town, but her father disagreed with our love. He wanted to end this love, therefore he gave my son to a Charity school in Son Tinh ward - Quang ngai town. Later, i have heard that my son had been taken to America. Now, I have known about the Babylift so i kindly to ask you to help me to find my son.

I would like to give you some information that i have in order that you can help me:

Name of the child's mother: NGUYEN THI XUAN ANH
Name of the child's father: NGUYEN VAN SAC.
Name of the child's grandfather - who gave my son to Charity school in Son Tinh ward, Quang Ngai town: NGUYEN THANH.

Please kindly to contact me on this e-mail address. I'm looking forward to hearing from you about my son.

Thank you very much for your time.

Best wishes.
Email: thukieu2001@yahoo.com


Dear Adoptees,

Very little is known about international adult adoptees? adjustment to their adopted country as they grow up. I am interested in understanding the experiences of adults born in other countries and adopted by parents from the United States. As a doctoral student in the University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work, I am now exploring this important issue. In this study, I am interested in finding out how the factor of parental support of your ethnic identity has contributed to your feelings about yourself.

I hope you will agree to cooperate with this effort, since the information I obtain can help social workers to understand study factors that affect successful adjustment. This study has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the University of Pittsburgh and follows the board's ethical standards and guidelines. There are no anticipated risks or direct benefits to you from participating in this study.

To participate, please click on this link <http://www.pitt.edu/~jam89>.

You don't have to be an international adoptee to be able to help with this study. If you know someone who meets the eligibility requirements for the study, then please refer them to <http://www.pitt.edu/~jam89>.


Jayashree Mohanty, MSW
Ph.D. student, University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work
John Kuipers (jhkuipers@sympatico.ca) on Sunday, April 4, 2004 at 20:40:20
email: jhkuipers@sympatico.ca
Address: Box 274
City: Waterford
State: On
Zip: N0E 1Y0
Country: Canada

We have a friend who was born in Vietnam in 1972 and came to Toronto in Operation Babylift. She was born with spina bifida, her mother couldn't look after her, and she was brought to a Catholic orpanage in the Saigon area. She still remembers coming to the orphanage, and feels her mother may still be alive. Her Vietnamese name is Nguyen, Thi Phuong Mai. She still has a hospital-style wrist or ankle band with her name and the picture of a bird on it, as well as the number 819175 and #41 on it. I don't know if that was an orphanage or hospital ID tag, or babylift ID. She would like to connect with her past, so if you can help, it would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help

Sincerely, John.
P.S. You may post this on your website.
From: Adams, Kimberly A.
Subject: Searching for birthmother

I am respectfully requesting your assistance in finding my birthmother. I was born in late July / early August of 1972 to Truong Phuong (spelling?) and an American soldier Dave Tomlin. I recently found my birthfather Dave Tomlin about 3 months ago after searching for many years. This is the only information we have as Dave and Truong have lost contact. I may have siblings living in the US, but I can not confirm that. Please post this information for me in hopes that someone will recognize these names and maybe someday I can complete my journey to find my family. Thanks!
Adopted name: Son Thanh Nguyen

Email: son_nguyen_246@yahoo.com
Estimated birthday: August 10, 1972
Lived in S. Vietnam
Father: David Tomlin... American Army Soldier during the war
Carmen Armstrong<c_armstrong@slingshot.co.nz> wrote:
Sent: Tuesday, July 27, 2004 12:19 AM
Subject: Re: In search of Margaret Beahan...
Please reply to the above email address if you have any information for Carmen.

Hello there,

I'm hoping that perhaps you may be able to help me. I'm looking for a Margaret Beahan, who may be able to give me some information in relation to the Nuoc Ngot Orphanage in Hue. I was placed there before being airlifted out to Australia in 1975. I thought perhaps she may be attending your Anniversary Program?

Otherwise, if you or anyone else may have ANY info on this orphanage, there are two of uscurrently wanting this precious information.
Thanking you in advance for any help you can offer,

Kind regards,
Carmen Armstrong.
"Looking For"...

To mark the thirtieth anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War the BBC News Website is looking for people involved in Operation Babylift to contact them with their story and pictures. If you adopted a child as part of this operation, or were adopted yourself, we'd like to hear from you. We are looking for a set of family pictures over the last thirty years alongside which you can tell your story, ideally 8-10 pictures with around 70-100 words per picture. In addition if anyone is planning to return to Vietnam in the next few months and would be willing to file a photo diary of their trip for us then get in touch. You can contact me, Phil Coomes, the Picture Editor at philip.coomes@bbc.co.uk . Thank you.
Ta Anh Thu

I am looking for my niece for the last 30 years since she left with the Operation Babylift, she has Vietnamese name : TA ANH THU and about 6 years old by that time now will be 36 years old. Her Vietnamese mother still alive in VN and miss her alot, any one have information please let me know at my email.

- Phuoc Ta
San Jose, CA
Email: taphuoc@hotmail.com
Looking For Korean Adoptees and Their Parents

I am doing research on compiling the racial and familial experiences of Korean Adoptees. I am looking for people who were adopted transracially in particular (ie by non-Korean parents), and particularly adoptive parents. I'm funded by a summer research grant, and am studying the effects of adoption on adoptees and their parents' perceptions of race and culture. If you're interested in participating, and will be available in the US between May and August 2005 for interview, please e-mail me:


with your name, age, and contact information. If you're chosen for the project, I will get in touch with you. Thanks a lot!

Tara Fickle
Wesleyan University
Rosie Nguyen <rosieannzasalon@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

My name is Rosie Nguyen, I am writing to you to respectfully your assistance in finding any information that may be available about my two missing children. I have not been able to find my children for over 30 years. My children were taken from Saigon,VietNam in April of 1975, during the Vietnam Babylift to United States. My children were in a Catholic boarding school called Caritas Hai Ba Trung, Saigon Vietnam, and were put on a airplane by the nuns who ran the school during the days just prior to the fall of Saigon.

I do not have the resources to conduct the search that is necessary to find my " babies " who would now be over thirty years old. Please help me.!!!!!!!

My children's names, ages and dates of birth are :

DO PHI BANG ( male ) D.O.B. - Oct 16/1968 current age 37
DO PHI YEN ( female ) D.O.B. - Dec 16/1969 current age 36

Email: rosieannzasalon@sbcglobal.net

Name: Pham Hoang Anh Tu
DOB: February 12 , 1975

Birth Place: Phuoc Tinh (a little fishing town near Hai Long and Ba Ria)
Adoption agency was located at 207 Hien Vuong, Saigon

Birth mark: He was born with a little growth of skin on one of his thumbs.

My birth name is Pham Thi Thuy.

Anyone who worked at the adoption agency can contact me at bdalat@gmail.com. My many thanks to those are willing to help me out.

Thank you for all your help. I'm looking forward to your reply.



Hi! My name is Julie Fiegener and I was one of the Vietnamese that was on the Babylift. I was born in Saigon, Vietnam. I was adopted by American family in the year of 1975. I mostly can remember the bad war that I was in before leaving Vietnam.

Most of my records have been lost because the other two planes crashed. Now I would like to find out if I have any relatives or family that are still alive.

I do not know my Vietnamese names but I am full Vietnamese and I live in United States of America. I have been living in the USA since I came here in the year of 1975.

If anyone has any type of information please contact me at my e-mail address listed below

I thank you for your time.


(Julie C. Fiegener)

City: Auburn
State: Nebraska
Country: USA

Email: jcfshorty1970@msn.com

Date: Friday, October 3, 2008, 7:07 AM

Dear Lana,

Firstly I would like to thank you for your loving work.

My name is Phillip Olliges (HOA VAN MINH) and i was on that C5 Galaxy plane that crashed April, 4th 1975. I was being adopted through "Terre des Hommes" in 1975 by a wonderful German family.

To be honest I've given up all kinds of researches concerning my past roots but yesterday I jumped on a subject I've never heard before. This was the term "Operation Babylift". Since then I got the book "Turn My Eyes Away" written by Rosemary Taylor and I really didn't know
anything about my past. So "Operation Babylift" opened me lots of new undiscoverd doors to get proper information about the crash and all that.

While surfing the Internet I hit your webpage and I was quite overwhelmed by all those caring and sad people that try to find their relatives. Personally, I don't have too much hope to find some relatives and on the other hand I'm quite confident now with my situation concerning
the past but I want to give it a try as well. So here's my story:

Due to my original Vietnamese papers I was born in Khanh Hung, Ba Xuyen on 21th of October, 1974 (reference number 2752). Person making declaration: Truong-Thi-Toi. The registrar: Nguyen Thanh Meo.

I was given the name "Joel" by the nurses. According to the book "Turn My Eyes Away" in the upper cabin of the plane there were the most surviving babies coming from some Allambie children, Phu My Children, 50 To Am children and 20 New Haven Children. It as also mentioned that only one boy survived in the lower places of the plane.

This is all I know. If you can help me by any chance finding someone who knows my story I would be very grateful!!!

Thank you again for your wonderful work.

Email: polliges@gmx.de

P.S. - Feel free to publish my mail on your webpage.